Weddings are truly special occasions and when it comes to the occasion and the stage, different people prefer different settings. While everyone wants a beautiful and memorable event, how you go about achieving that is what makes the difference. Picking 7 of the most amazing wedding locations from all over the planet is both difficult and highly subjective. But these spectacular seven bring together natural opulence, timeless charm, scenic grandeur and simply offer the perfect template waiting to be filled with your own romantic tale. Enjoy the ride —

High peaks of New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the last untouched paradises on the planet and if you looking for a backdrop that matches and rivals any of the amazing shots from Hollywood, then this is the place to be. The stunning peaks of New Zealand with carpets of green all around, lovely flowering plants and the ocean in the backdrop makes for a setting like none another. A helicopter ride to the top and a sunny day just complete the occasion.

Ice Hotel, Sweden

Ice Hotel in Sweden is one of the most captivating winter destinations to hold a wedding and is absolutely flawless if you want a ‘white wedding’. Apart from the all-ice setting that has been around for a long time now, you can enjoy the lovely cuisine and even the magical Northern Lights as they dance in the skies.

Grand Hotel, Italy

This is for those who feel that their wedding should be on par with those of a prince or princess. The former 18th century castle has been transformed into a modern luxury hotel on the banks of River Arno and offers a opulent spot for grand weddings in the heart of Florence.

Le Château d’Esclimont, France

An old French castle that is located on a 150 acre estate, surrounded by a tranquil lake and fit to play host to the kings; if you want a fairytale wedding that mimics those imaginative pages from your favorite storybook, then this French masterpiece is the one you need to book. Located just 45 minutes outside Paris, you can kick start your Honeymoon watching in one of the most romantic cities on the planet!

White sandy beaches of Mauritius, Maldives, Seychelles or Bali

If what you want is a private wedding on a secluded beach resort that is surrounded by shallow turquoise blue waters and on white sandy beaches that pretty much bring paradise back to earth, then any of these three ever-popular destinations will do. An ensemble that is truly heavenly!

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