There is not much doubt that the United States is the country reporting the most sightings of UFOs, and the highest incidence of alien abductions.  There are two locations – Roswell, New Mexico and Area 51 in Nevada – both of which are thought to have been the landing place of alien craft.  Most sightings are of flying objects, so a suspected landing is rather special.  The fact that nothing has ever been made public about the aliens has given rise to endless theories about government conspiracies to cover up the existence of spacecraft and alien bodies. Be that as it may, the two western areas are now very attractive to curious tourists.


There is another location, not too far away, which is scarcely known outside UFO circles, but which gets thousands of visitors a year to witness glowing orbs which fill the sky, it is said,  almost every night.  There is so much activity that UFO enthusiasts have proposed the idea that Mount Adams, Washington, is actually a fairly large alien base.  According to one report “Many people, from ordinary people, to military officers, even Fox News have witnessed sightings in the area. From documented videos, many people have said that the UFOs came or went into the side of the mountain.”

The headquarters of all this activity is the ECETI Ranch.  ECETI stands for Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence and the ranch has become a base for “spiritually aware” humans to gather and attempt to make contact with the aliens who are thought to be living deep within the mountain. The owner of the ranch even claims that he has been invited aboard one of the many UFOs as a guest.

Whether or not there is actually an alien base deep inside Mount Adams, frequent sightings and a devoted following, make this potentially active volcano the most visited place in the country, if not by humans, then certainly by unidentified flying objects.


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