There are lots of ways for you to send a package abroad, but with so many companies to choose from, each offering a bewildering array of services and deals, how do you even begin to pick one?

We all like to save money, and so perhaps the easiest answer is to go with the cheapest option. Of course, we only like to save money if we aren’t having to compromise in other areas and when you’re looking for the cheapest courier available you also want to know you’re buying a fast and reliable service. Following the easy tips below will help you find a cheap parcel delivery service you can rely on.

  1. Most online couriers act a little like supermarkets – buying the services of the world’s largest carriers in bulk and offering them to you at reduced rates. When you don’t want to compromise on the quality of the service you’re buying, choose a service from DHL, UPS TNT or FedEx. When you don’t want to compromise on cost choose a courier that operates alongside at least one of these global carriers.
  2. Look for an online courier that offers a money-back guarantee option for all deliveries they make.  Couriers that are confident enough to offer this are able to do so because of the confidence they have in the services they provide.
  3. Don’t try to cut corners! It can be tempting to try and cram your delivery into as small a box as possible to save a few extra pounds. However, if your parcel is not properly packaged the chances of it becoming damaged along the way increase. A good courier will offer clear advice on how to prepare your parcel prior to collection and it pays to get this right.
  4. The very best couriers will also offer a complete range of delivery options that can be tailored to suit your needs.  As a simple example, if your delivery is not urgent then it makes sense to use a courier with an economy option rather than sending with a company that only specialises in express services.

No matter what you’re sending, where it is going or when it needs to arrive you can find a courier service that delivers. Knowing what to look out for is the first step towards getting exactly what you want at a price you like.

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