Rising from the ashes, Phuket has managed to slowly recover from the tragic tsunami that a couple of years swept beaches and buried thousands. Rebuilding hotels, public areas and beach cleaning has allowed tourism to boost the economy back to this place.

After a tour around Thailand, many are escaping to a beach area, including Phuket .

The Dusit Laguna, without being very luxurious, is a good choice. It is very popular with Spanish tour operators that offers good service at a good price (you can get a room for 110 usd lowest season ).

It has numerous restaurants, the prestigious spa Angsama, a private beach, uncrowded and free sun loungers, day care and all the services of its category.

The rooms are bright comfortable and spacious.


The hotel is part of a large resort that allows its customers to use the facilities of the various hotels (including the Bayan Tree or the Sheraton). There is a free bus that will bring you to the facilities of each campus.
Among the many beaches of Phuket, the highlight of Patong and Karon with more nightlife and entertainment, of Nai Thon is more pristine and wild, and finally more secluded and south lies the quiet and beautiful Nai Han.


Very close to Phuket, is the island of Phi Phi where the beach was filmed. There is a ferry that links the two islands. The journey takes two hours and 45minutes and costs about 20euros.
The Thai massage is part of traditional Thai medicine which originated in India in the time of Buddha. The techniques used are reminiscent postures and stretching yoga movements and concentration to a meditation session. The pressures are made with fingers, hands, feet, elbows and knees.

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